Fashion Week İstanbul

Fashion Week Istanbul is held twice a year to showcase the spring/summer and fall/winter collections of our country's esteemed designers. Before the pandemic, the event was held physically, but it has recently been organized in digital or hybrid formats. Each season, over 20 distinguished designers present their collections through fashion shows, film screenings, exhibitions, and installations. The event significantly enhances the global recognition of Turkish designers through partnerships with global entities such as BOF, Vogue, and Karla Otto. By leveraging fashion weeks, we aim to rapidly promote and establish Turkish ready-to-wear and apparel products globally, enhancing their perception and presence in the international market.

Key objectives:

  • Establish the perception of our country as one that continuously invests in technology and adapts to change.
  • Increase the number of Turkish brands in the global top 100 from 1 to 5 in the mid-term.
  • Create a perception of our country as synonymous with fashion, design, and value-added products.
  • Strategically position Turkish fashion and designers in the global fashion economy.
  • More effectively and efficiently promote in target markets.

For detailed information about FWI, please visit: https://fashionweek.istanbul/

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