About Us

Founded in 1978, the Istanbul Apparel Exporters' Association (IHKIB), which has roots dating back to 1978 and serves as the organization teaching export to Turkey, has been representing the Turkish Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Sector most effectively for years. IHKIB aims to maximize sectoral exports both qualitatively and quantitatively, covering approximately 70% of the total sector exports by its members, making it one of the most important organizations in the sector. IHKIB adapts to the rapid transformation process worldwide and supports all kinds of commercial activities of its thousands of members.

IHKIB conducts research, reporting, corporate communication, events, organizations, training activities, consultancy services, projects, fair services, and publishing activities in line with the goal of making Istanbul the fashion center and Anatolia the production base.

Sectoral Representation:

  • It develops strategies for critical areas that will advance the sector by monitoring developments and export statistics in the sector.
  • It represents the Turkish ready-to-wear sector to state institutions, conveys the sector's questions and problems to relevant authorities for supporting and developing exports, and ensures solutions are produced by following up on the issues conveyed.
  • It conducts lobbying activities to represent the sector on international platforms and promotes the strong promotion of the Turkish ready-to-wear sector.

Export Development:

  • It facilitates and supports members' foreign trade transactions.
  • It organizes vocational training, undergraduate-postgraduate education, and training programs for sector professionals to support the supply of qualified labor force in the sector.
  • It organizes events and organizations to introduce Turkish fashion industry's power to the world and support the value-added export of the Turkish ready-to-wear sector.
  • It implements clustering projects to strengthen the competitive structure of companies.
  • It carries out capacity-building projects to ensure the use of national and international funds in the sector.
  • Through its subsidiaries, it provides supportive services in sustainability, digital transformation, fashion design, testing and laboratory, fair organization, etc., to its members.
  • It organizes awareness-raising programs to enhance the corporate capacity of companies and address the sector's hot agenda.
  • It organizes national participation to ensure effective participation of members in fairs that bring together the international fashion world.
  • It organizes trade and procurement delegations to facilitate companies' meetings with buyers from abroad.
  • It acts as an examining organization in state supports that develop exports and exporters and ensures that companies benefit optimally from the supports.
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