İHKİB's Activities in Education

The ready-to-wear and apparel sector, which significantly contributes to our country's exports with its value creation, trade surplus, and employment, stands out as one of the most important manufacturing industries in our country.

The Istanbul Apparel Exporters' Association (IHKIB) has been sustaining its position as one of our country's significant organizations for many years with its member count in the ready-to-wear and apparel sector, the total exports made by its members, the designers it introduces to the sector through competitions, reports it prepares, and most importantly, the vision it presents by organizing events to pave the way for the sector.

In line with the vision set by IHKIB, one of the important platforms it brings to the sector to contribute to the personal and corporate development of its members is the training programs, vocational training courses organized to meet the sector's need for intermediate staff, the IHKIB Protocol Schools Project, which is based on the education for production and education within production policy, skill competitions involving VET high school students, the Innovative Idea Marathon, and the graduation ceremony of IHKIB protocol schools, all of which constitute a platform created for continuous education when it comes to the sector, at https://kampus.ihkibev.org.tr/.

With IHKIB Academy, equipped with a wide range of instructors including veterans of the ready-to-wear and apparel sector, expert consultants, managers from various layers of the sector, university faculty members, and local/foreign experts related to the sector, trendsetters, and fashion designers, it prepares the workforce potential and our businesses for the changes required by the knowledge society, technological developments, and global competition.

Through the organized training programs, participants have the opportunity to improve themselves in a practical training environment, refresh their knowledge, meet with participants from different institutions of the sector, and exchange information to closely follow the current economic, technological, and professional developments in the sector.

Our training programs, announced through our website https://kampus.ihkibev.org.tr/ and www.ihkib.org.tr, as well as IHKIB social media channels, are structured under 8 main headings:

  • Corporate Development Training
  • Personal Development Training
  • Managerial Development Training
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Relationship Development Training
  • Finance
  • Accounting Management and Applications Training
  • Technical Competence Development Training
  • Human Resources Management Training
  • Trend Trainings

IHKIB Academy provides corporate training services in line with the needs of institutions with years of sector experience, along with expert trainers and consultants. Open to general participation, training sessions bringing together various sector players are held regularly on specific dates. IHKIB Academy, which keeps track of innovative and sustainable learning approaches closely and shares them with the sector, aims to contribute to the development of employees and thus companies, helping them adapt to changing working conditions and providing solutions to their corporate training needs.

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