To All Our Business Partners
To All Our Business Partners
Bülten Tarihi: 21 Temmuz 2016

We would like to clearly express the current situation in our country and our sector relating to our business processes, since the latest developments can create some uncertainties for our trading partners, customers and buyers in Turkey.

As world’s eighth and EU’s third biggest supplier, Turkish Apparel Sector has a strong experience and business culture with its 17 billion $ export. 

Having fast and flexible business processes, our sector is one of the most reliable business partner in the World. 

Since Turkish Apparel Industry has overcome many crises successfully until today, its 35 thousand companies including 14 thousand exporters continues to perform manufacturing and exporting activities without any problem. 

Also our government announced the necessary economic measures that will be imposed by Central Bank on the 17th of July. Turkish finance markets are operating stably and all Turkish companies are working with great responsibility to meet the demands of their partners.

Thus, in our country there is not any economic, financial or customs clearance problem which would affect production and export processes.

Our sector has been fulfilling and will continue to fulfil any kind of orders and commitments in accordance to customers’ expectations. 

Besides, as İstanbul Apparel Exporters Association and all sector institutions, we fully support our member firms, and strengthen our efforts to solve their problems.  

In this challenging period, our main objective is to advance further our cooperation and synergy with our business partners with a win-win method.

In this context, we expect from our trading partners, customers and buyers to get information directly by the sectors or sectoral organizations in order not to be affected from all kinds of disinformation. 

We kindly thank you for your support and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,