Projects are the major instruments for; 
- Strengthening interrelationships between clothing actors to improve competitiveness of our members, 
- Representing the sectoral export in policy formulation and implementation in local &global level,  
- Encouraging and supporting the internationalization of clothing companies and fashion brands in Istanbul,
- Creating and promoting mechanisms that develop clothing sector in all aspects of value-added export,
- Fostering collaboration and cooperation between the related local & global actors

Funds which we focus on: 
- International Funds: European Union (IPA, Cosme, EASI), Developed nations funds, United Nations (ILO, UNIDO, UNDP, UNHCR) etc.
- National Funds: Ministry of Industry (Regional Development Agencies, Tübitak, KOSGEB) and Ministry of Trade
- Since 2003, İHKİB has carried out 20 national/international projects, 5 of which is still going on. $50.4 million have been allocated for these projects:
- Cluster Projects are carried out with the financial support of Turkish Ministry of Trade.
- Thematic Projects are developed periodically for addressing the changing needs of the sector. Funding mechanisms are varying. 
- Corporate Social Responsibility Projects are developed periodically for maintaining the sustainability of the sector. Funds options are changeable.